Type & Politics

is an initiative by Golnar Kat Rahmani with the goal of freeing Arabic/Persian Type from its ideological connotations.

Unlike when spotting Chinese letters Arabic Type tends to evoke emotions these days. Letters itself as an abstract writing system are not capable of this. More than ever our perceptions are being influenced by social, political and cultural tensions. 

The rise of islamic terrorism turning into the No. 1 public enemy of western culture, political instabilities and wars in the Middle East, religious conflicts in daily western life, the increase of Islamophobia, recent heavy rotation news coverage of the IS flag (with high contrasting Arabic letters on Black) … 

All these parameters don’t let Arabic type just appear strange and exotic but rather provoke bad feelings and marginalise its cultural value. Our Goal is to decrease those negative connotations practically by learning and understanding basic principles of Arabic Type and creating artworks, ultimately adding curiosity, aesthetics, joy and intercultural friendship to its shattered image in western society.

We organize workshops and lectures encouraging cultural exchange and transfer of knowledge in these matters.