Let’s free
Arabic & Persian Type
from its political & ideological connotations.


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Get to know Arabic & Persian Type

Workshop 1–2 days


Arabic Type

for Designers

Workshop 1–2 days


Recent Workshops 


Typo Berlin 2018

Type & Politics
Arabic/Persian Typography & Silkscreen Workshop May 2018 at Typo Berlin design conference
HKW Berlin


Type & Politics | Freeing Arabic Type from ideological connotations

Unlike when spotting Chinese letters Arabic Type tends to evoke emotions these days. Letters itself as an abstract writing system are not capable of this. More than ever our perceptions are being influenced by social, political and cultural tensions. We organize workshops and lectures to ease this by encouraging cultural exchange and transfer of knowledge.


UdK Berlin

Type & Politics
Arabic/Persian Typography & Silkscreen Workshop
November 2018 at Berlin University of the Art


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Type & Politics is a new growing project enriching visual culture and cultural acceptance. For these efforts we need your help – be it collaborations, exchange, networking, donations or any other support!

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